Ben Lovell
Johnny Winn


Our computers have taken us to a dead end. We can't make them faster than they are. It may be time to go back to the drawing board and challenge the notion of what a computer should be like. What about computers... Read More
Paolo "Nusco" Perrotta


I have been seeing a lot influence in ruby from Functional programming (short: FP), and not as such in ruby itself but in code written in ruby.

Developers try new things, they are fascinated by other languages,... Read More
Michal  Papis


Maintaining a stable, mature framework that helps programmers writing applications is one thing. Passing on fatal design flaws and misconceptions from version 1.0 to version 5.0, for the sake of "API stability", is... Read More
Nick Sutterer


Coffee Break


An exploration of the challenges that Ruby faces today, combined with ideas

regarding how we can change things for the better. We'll talk about the language, its ecosystem and its community.

While on... Read More
Bozhidar Batsov


In a dynamic language environment working on an app with less than 100% test coverage developers can find themselves in a predicament where they don't know what changes the state of objects. 

My talk will... Read More
Alexia McDonald


Ruby is wonderful. However until now it is used on your servers and not much anywhere else. However with the advent of Opal the wonderful world of the client has been open to the client.

ReactRB aims to be the... Read More


We’ve been living in the future for a full 15 years already and developers are still using antiquated technology like “keyboards” and “mice” to run their applications.

We’re going to learn to use voice... Read More
Jonan Scheffler




How do you deploy sensitive changes to your app? What if you have to entirely replace a production component with another, all without any customer impact?

Earlier this year, we rewrote an... Read More
Damien Mathieu


Boris will be talking about AI actively entering our everyday life and machine learning as a part of AI.

Boris will demonstrate how to implement a certain machine learning algorithms and apply them to your... Read More


Many programming languages manage their memory using a garbage collector, Ruby being one of those languages. Yet while this technique is so widely used few understand how it works, what the different flavours of... Read More
Yorick	 Peterse


An intro enough to peek interest in Golang, Elixir and Crystal (crystal-lang.org).
Aaron Cruz




Fueled by discontent for the lack of real-world coding knowledge traditional academia provides, we decided to organize and run free software development bootcamp in Croatia. It's called Infinum Academy, it's a month... Read More
Damir Svrtan


For this talk I will present a strategy to use Rails to build Growth Hacks fast. I will cover the following:
- What is Growth Hacking and how it works (just to briefly talk about process of growth hacking)
-... Read More
Rubens Stulzer


Migration to RESTful microservice architecture might cause a lot of pain, specifically related to sporadic service and network instability. Out of the box ruby solutions do not always work when it... Read More
Vladimir Shteinman
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